Monday, 31 January 2011

Fougasse (1887-1965)

Fougasse, Punch, 27th February 1957.
Fougasse (real name, Cyril Kenneth Bird) was both a Punch cartoonist and later its art editor. We can only guess what his audience here was watching. The 1957 version of Lark Rise to Candelford perhaps?

During the First World War, Fougasse served with the Royal Engineers as Lieutenant Cyril Kenneth Bird. The obverse and reverse of his medal index card (below) show that he arrived overseas on the 13th November 1915 and was entitled to the 1914-15 Star and British War and Victory Medals which he applied for in 1920. (Officers had to apply for medals whereas those for Other Ranks were automatically sent). Fougasse was also entitled to wear the Silver War Badge and this was sent to him at Morar Lodge, Morar, Inverness-shire.

There appears to be a surviving service record at The National Archives, reference WO 339/29686.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Frederick Rowland Emett (1906-1990)

Rowland Emett, Punch, 6th November 1957.
This cartoon almost certainly references the launch into space of the Russian satellite Sputnik on the 4th October 1957, the first man-made object to leave the earth's atmosphere. Mr Punch, as the man in the moon, looks on disapprovingly and wonders how many more will follow.

Maurice Bartlett

Maurice Bartlett, Punch, 10th December 1958

Maurice Bartlett, Punch, 26th June 1957.
Mr Punch umpires at Wimbledon. In 1957 Lew Hoad defeated Ashley Cooper in the men's final whilst Althea Gibson defeated Darlene Hard in the women's singles.

Maurice Bartlett, Punch, 1st May 1957

Saturday, 29 January 2011

William Hewison

William Hewison, Punch, 19th June 1957

William Hewison, Punch, 4th November 1959

William Hewison, Punch, 16th December 1959

William Hewison, Punch, 30th December 1959
There's an element of applied Photoshop on this scan as the original cover is very tatty indeed. Beautiful colours here though, as Mr Punch ushers in the 1960s.

William Hewison, Punch, 8th October 1958

William Hewison, Punch, 28th May 1958

William Hewison, Punch, 3rd April 1957

William Hewison, Punch, 4th June 1958.
England welcomed visitors New Zealand and the first test was played at Edgbaston on the 5th June 1958. Although Mr Punch's wicket fell early on, England won the match by 205 runs, batsman Peter Richardson (Wisden cricketer of the year in 1957) scoring a century in England's second innings.

William Hewison, Punch, 6th May 1959

William Hewison, Punch, 3rd November 1958

William Hewison, Punch, 11th December 1957

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Andre Francois (1915-2005)

Andre Francois, Punch, 25th March 1959

Andre Francois, Punch, 13th April 1960

Andre Francois, Punch, 28th August 1957

Andre Francois, Punch, 12th March 1958 - SOLD

Andre Francois, Punch, 1st October 1958

Andre Francois, Punch, 10th June 1959

Andre Francois, Punch, 15th June 1960

Andre Francois, Punch, 11th November 1959

Kenneth Mahood

Kenneth Mahood, Punch, 25th February 1959

Kenneth Mahood, Punch, 13th May 1959

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Ronald Searle (1920-2011)

Ronald Searle, Punch, 23rd October 1957.
This cover references H M The Queen's visit to the US to meet with President Eisenhower. The visit took place between the 17th and 21st October 1957, and Mr Punch was on hand on Wall Street to lend a hand with security arrangements.

Ronald Searle, Punch, 6th March 1957

Ronald Searle, Punch, 14th August 1957

Ronald Searle, Punch, 17th December 1958

Ronald Searle, Punch, 19th March 1958

Ronald Searle, Punch, 15th January 1958

Ronald Searle, Punch, 29th June 1960 - SOLD

Ronald Searle, Punch, 23rd July 1958 - SOLD

Ronald Searle, Punch, 2nd July 1958 - SOLD

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

William Scully

William Scully, Punch, 5th March 1958

William Scully, Punch, 24th February 1960

William Scully, Punch, 2nd January 1957

William Scully, Punch, 2nd December 1959

William Scully, Punch, 13th January 1960

William Scully, Punch, 20th November 1957

William Scully, Punch, 4th December 1957

Quentin Blake

Quentin Blake, Punch, 8th April 1959 - SOLD

Quentin Blake, Punch, 22nd January 1958 - SOLD

Quentin Blake, Punch, 4th March 1959

Quentin Blake, Punch, 20th August 1958

Quentin Blake, Punch, 23rd March 1960

Quentin Blake, Punch, 14th January 1959