Friday, 18 February 2011

Michael Ffolkes (1925-1988)

Michael Ffolkes, Punch, 18th November 1959

Michael Ffolkes, Punch, 13th August 1958
Spot the signature!

Michael Ffolkes, Punch, 27th January 1960

Michael Ffolkes, Punch, 17th July 1957

Michael Ffolkes, Punch, 21st May 1958

Andre Francois - Pt 2

Three more Andre Francois Punch covers HERE.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

William Hewison - Pt 2

I've added five more cartoons to the blog entry dedicated to the cartoons of William Hewison. Click on the link.

Jean-Michel Folon (1934-2005)

Folon, Punch, 18th December 1957

Born in Brussels, Jean-Michel Folon was an artist of diverse talent, seemingly equally happy working with pens, paint and brushes as he was sculping with wood, clay, plaster, bronze and marble. He was widely published during his lifetime.

See also: Waterloo, Napoleon, Folon, a bike and cartoon books.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Norman Mansbridge (1911-1993)

Norman Mansbridge, Punch, 22nd May 1957

I've always liked this cartoon and in fact it was framed on my wall for many years. I like the detail: the trees sprouting new leaves, the electric cables running along the edge of the track, suburbia in the distance and the pinstriped and bowler-hatted commuters lining the platfrom with their sullen expressions and broadsheets on, presumably, a late winter or early spring morning. As a rail commuter myself, I also know that whilst bowler hats and pinstripes are as rare these days as male-only passengers, the habit of picking the same spot on the platform edge each morning is one that has certainly endured. The gap in the crowd in this cartoon may have been filled by Mr Punch or maybe just another fellow commuter. Either way, it's a lovely image in my book.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Smilby (1927-2009)

Smilby, Punch, 24th July 1957

Smilby was Francis Wilford-Smith, a prolific Punch and Playboy cartoonist and also a leading authority on blues and gospel music.

Inside front Smilby cover: National Benzole

Smilby, Punch, 26th March 1958

Inside front Smilby cover: Tootal socks

Smilby, Punch, 30th September 1959

Inside front Smilby cover: Benson & Hedges Super Virginia

Smilby, Punch, 7th October 1959
The 1959 General Election, held the day after this particular Punch edition was published, was won by The Conservative Party under the leadership of Harold Macmillan. Hugh Gaitskell for the Labour Party and Jo Grimond for the Liberal Party were the unlucky runners-up. Mr Punch's opinion of all three is noted.

Cartoonist Index

You'll find cartoon artwork from the following cartoonists on this Punch cartoon blog. Illustration above, courtesy of Smilby, Punch, 10th April 1957.

Andre Francois (below)

Bruce Petty

Eric Burgin


George Adamson

James Broom-Lynne

Jean-Michel Folon

Kenneth Mahood

Maurice Bartlett

Mervyn Wilson

Michael Ffolkes

Norman Mansbridge

Norman Thelwell

Quentin Blake

Ronald Searle

Rowland Emett

Russell Brockbank



Timothy Birdsall

William Hewison (below)

William Scully

Timothy Birdsall (1936-1963)

Timothy Birdsall, Punch, 25th November 1959

This was the advert carried on the this particular inside front cover of Punch: Senior Service cigarettes - 50 for less than 50 pence in today's money. Today, if they were still manufactured, I suppose they'd cost you about fifteen pounds.