Monday, 7 February 2011

Norman Mansbridge (1911-1993)

Norman Mansbridge, Punch, 22nd May 1957

I've always liked this cartoon and in fact it was framed on my wall for many years. I like the detail: the trees sprouting new leaves, the electric cables running along the edge of the track, suburbia in the distance and the pinstriped and bowler-hatted commuters lining the platfrom with their sullen expressions and broadsheets on, presumably, a late winter or early spring morning. As a rail commuter myself, I also know that whilst bowler hats and pinstripes are as rare these days as male-only passengers, the habit of picking the same spot on the platform edge each morning is one that has certainly endured. The gap in the crowd in this cartoon may have been filled by Mr Punch or maybe just another fellow commuter. Either way, it's a lovely image in my book.

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