Thursday, 3 February 2011

Smilby (1927-2009)

Smilby, Punch, 24th July 1957

Smilby was Francis Wilford-Smith, a prolific Punch and Playboy cartoonist and also a leading authority on blues and gospel music.

Inside front Smilby cover: National Benzole

Smilby, Punch, 26th March 1958

Inside front Smilby cover: Tootal socks

Smilby, Punch, 30th September 1959

Inside front Smilby cover: Benson & Hedges Super Virginia

Smilby, Punch, 7th October 1959
The 1959 General Election, held the day after this particular Punch edition was published, was won by The Conservative Party under the leadership of Harold Macmillan. Hugh Gaitskell for the Labour Party and Jo Grimond for the Liberal Party were the unlucky runners-up. Mr Punch's opinion of all three is noted.


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